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The business career of JULIAN MAIRAL is backed up by many years' uninterrupted presence on the market and by strict quality controls that are applied during the entire production process. Thus, JULIAN MAIRAL has been certified for many years according to the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality standards, which provide an additional guarantee to the company's own self-imposed, demanding quality controls. The great tradition and knowledge of the Serrano Ham sector permitted Julian Mairal to create "Jamones Alto Aragon", an exclusive and specialised company in the production of Serrano Ham, which, apart from being certified according to the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality standards, also has the most important international food quality certificates.

The BRC - Global Standard Food has been developed by the British Retail Consortium. Its objective is to ensure that its suppliers satisfy the requirements that guarantee the safety and legality of the food.

The IFS - International Food Standard, has been developed by the German Retail Federation (HDE) and the French Federation of Retail and Distribution Companies (FCD), which must be satisfied by the product suppliers for distributors and hypermarkets in France and Germany.

The company has achieved the maximum level established in these standards (level A in IFS and higher level in BRC), showing that it continues to commit to food safety and quality as its priority objective. This is all done within a continuous improvement process that, since its creation, has led to obtaining several quality certificates (ISO 9000, ETG Serrano Ham, Consortium, etc.), as a response to the increasing market demands in this sense. In addition, procedures have already been started to achieve approval for the export of Serrano Ham to countries such as the United States and China.

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